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The New Network Marketing Mindset

February 27, 2013

It’s time to create a new mental state and prepare for your best year. You need to understand that your past and future are irrelevant. You cannot fail because your past was horrible and you will not succeed based on a future of passive, residual income. The joy of Network Marketing will result from the hardest, most productive time of your life – the time you build for yourself and for others.

I often receive correspondence and telephone calls from people with whom I worked for over a decade in my first MLM venture. Some can’t believe that I would be working so hard again after achieving dramatic wealth and time freedom years earlier. They wonder why I can’t just kick back and enjoy my last few decades of life in peace and quiet. The answer is simple. We’re all about to spend eternity in peace and quiet. I’ll rest when I’m dead. Until then, give me a dream and the ability to be productive and my life works. This gives me the sense of self worth I require.

As I explained earlier in this book, I woke up in a gilded cage at age 45 with all the money and free time I needed for the rest of my life. But I began a boring trip into worthless days, lonely nights and meaningless endeavors. Gstaad Switzerland is a fairyland and I lived in the nicest Swiss chalet in that village. I had friends from all over the world who had big money and interesting lives. Every day in the summer I could paraglide to my heart’s content and in the winter I was a block from the ski lift. The most important decision I had to make each day was in which gourmet restaurant I intended to dine that night. It actually became a living, boring hell.

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